The Artist/

​Skip Lee attended the California College of Arts and Crafts during 1959 and 1960. He is one of Sacramento's few inspirational abstract painters. Lee's painting method is a tribute to the innovations pioneered by the twentieth century post-modern group of artists known as the Abstract Expressionists; specifically deKooning, Gootlieb, Kline and Rothko. 

His dramatic compositions, expressive use of color, and the interplay between dark and light, come together to create a brooding yet poetic conveyance of life. The combination of color, texture and structure result in subliminal visualizations that allow each observer to come away with a different meaning, depending on their personal experience. 

A key factor to the strength of the work is his rejection of the common tendency to dilute the principle aesthetics of abstract art. Instead of merely producing flat derivatives of other artistic processes, which would cater to the popular culture, each piece is a personal, investigative journey. Lee's paintings can be as serene as a poetic interlude, or illusory as a surreal dream. His intelligent and intuitive approach to abstraction, place him in the ranks of today's important visual artists. 


Robert-Jean Ray artist/curator 


A portrait of Skip Lee by Steve Memering